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Meet the parents behind ParentHQ! Rebecca is a behavior analyst and mom to a three-year-old girl. She studies developmental psychology and understands how hard it can be to raise a little one! She researches parent stress and is committed to helping you and your family find a parenting philosophy that works for you. Dominika is also a behavior analyst and mom to a two-year-old boy. She takes a responsive approach to parenting and is dedicated to supporting families as they navigate the parenting journey.

Our Purpose

ParentHQ is a non-profit that exists to ensure high-quality parenting resources are available to everyone. 

Our Approach

ParentHQ collaborates with parents to offer individualized support services, aligned with each family's philosophies and values. We aim to educate the community about all facets of the parenting journey and provide access to specialty care to improve outcomes in parent-child relationships. 


We're always excited to hear from you!


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